The Octopus House project entailed the conversion of a dilapidated building in the upper town into three apartments, all while operating within a constrained budget and grappling with challenging site access.

A notable aspect of this project was the commissioning of a magnificent 20-meter Octopus mural, adorning the building’s facade. This captivating artwork quickly gained recognition and became one of Gibraltar’s most photographed landmarks, showcasing the fusion of art and architecture.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Octopus House has proven to be a catalyst for the regeneration of the upper town. Its successful transformation has inspired further revitalization efforts in the area, breathing new life into the neighborhood and fostering positive change.

Furthermore, the Octopus House has become a sought-after accommodation option, doubling as a part-time Airbnb. Its unique charm and distinctive character have garnered attention from travel enthusiasts and experts alike. The prestigious Conde Nast Traveler recognized it as the best place to stay in Gibraltar, further solidifying its reputation as a top-tier destination.

The Octopus House project exemplifies how a combination of imaginative design, budget-consciousness, and perseverance can yield remarkable results. By reimagining a neglected space, integrating art, and attracting visitors, it has left a lasting impact on the upper town, paving the way for future regeneration initiatives.

Location Gibraltar Uppertown


Value £500K

Completion 2018