The development lies about 200 m to the North to the centreline of the runway, close to the border, between the actual Eroski supermarket and the MoD development and in the vicinity of flight paths to and from the Airport, reason of being restricted in height by 13 meters.

It is a 3 storey building (ground floor plus two) with a 17 x 2 bed serviced apartments which includes parking and a reception area, to provide dwellings for visiting family members of the Armed Forces, similar to the use of the old Britannia House on Queensway.

The building is a contemporary design, approximately 12 meters high pitched with 3 stair cores on the east side to provide access to the apartments. At ground level there would be a reception and office area with a paved area in front of the building which accommodates 4 trees, and one parking area (9 parking spaces and 2 disabled) with a permeable surface and bin stores on the east boundary wall. Planters will be installed between the public road and the development.

Location Gibraltar


Value £2.4m

Completion 2021